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Moving Boxes & Supplies

Moving is often a complex and even nerve-racking experience for many people. Trying to get the moving boxes and supplies you need to pull off the job shouldn’t add to the stress. That’s where Move It Now comes in!

At Move It Now, we have a large variety of new, high-quality moving boxes and supplies at the ready. If we’re managing your move for you, we’ll pack your items in a box that’s the best fit and make sure they’re secure and well-protected from damage.
For do-it-yourself movers, Move It Now has all of the moving boxes and supplies you’ll need, no matter the size or quantity. If you’re unsure about the best options, just ask us for recommendations. We’ll give you helpful advice for any move, no matter the size.
Move It Now offers these moving boxes and supplies:

Standard Boxes

Small Boxes (1.5 cubic feet): Boxes this size are perfect for packing books, papers, CD’s, and canned goods. Only $2.50 each.
Medium Boxes (3.0 cubic feet): Our medium boxes are a great fit for electronics, small appliances, and other kitchen items such as pots and pans. Only $3.00 each.
Large Boxes (4.5 cubic feet): Pack your clothes, lamps, shades, and toys in Move It Now’s large boxes. Only $3.50 each.
X-Large Boxes (6.0 cubic feet): These extra-large boxes are ideal for lightweight, bulky items such as bedding and linens. Only $4.00 each.

Specialty Boxes

Dishpack Boxes (5.25 cubic feet): Protect your breakables and other fragile items such as china and glassware with our specially-sized dishpack boxes. Only $7.00 each.
Wardrobe Boxes (buy or rent): These sturdy wardrobe boxes allow you to keep your clothes on hangars while you move them. Only $14.00 to buy, just $10.00 to rent.
File Tote Boxes: Keep your important documents safe and organized with legal- and letter-sized file boxes. Call Move It Now for prices.

Boxes for Mirrors

Small Mirror Boxes (adjustable from 30 to 40 inches): Protect your small mirrors with specially-designed mirror boxes. Only $7.00 each.
Large Mirror Boxes (adjustable from 40 to 60 inches): Keep your large mirrors safe and secure with our adjustable mirror boxes. Only $8.00 each.


Packing Paper (comes in 25-pound bundles): Our packing paper is perfect for wrapping dishes, glasses, and other breakable items. Only $30.00 for a 25-pound bundle.
Paper Moving Pads: Protect your furniture and other items during moving and storage with our paper moving pads. Only $3.00 each.
Mattress Bags (for any size): Our mattress bags will keep your mattress clean and help safeguard it during your move. Only $6.00 each.
Packing Tape: You can count on Move It Now’s packing tape, specially-designed to stick to cardboard boxes. Only $2.50 per roll.