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Packing & Unpacking Moving Services

At Move It Now, we know that often the most difficult part of a move is not the actual moving day. It’s the prep leading up to it and the work that comes afterward.

Packing and unpacking aren’t as simple as just putting items in a box and then taking them out.
Trust Move It Now to handle your packing and unpacking process with the utmost care and attention to detail. Let the experts pack up everything in your kitchen and then unpack it again at your destination!
To ensure that your packing goes smoothly, you need movers to be:
Organized: The key to proper packing is doing it with a plan for the unpacking that will come later. Smart packing anticipates how everything will be set up in your new place. It’s the same for both residential moves and business moves. The professionals at Move It Now have the skills and training to get your moving job done quickly and efficiently.
Careful and Attentive: Moving requires uprooting your valuables, your breakables, and often your treasured family items. You want them all to arrive at your new destination intact and in good order. When you choose Move It Now, you get the packing and unpacking knowhow that will protect all of your furniture, appliances, and personal belongings from harm.
Experienced: When you choose Move It Now for all of your packing and unpacking needs, you get a team that has decades of hands-on moving experience behind it. At Move It Now, we bring our skills, our dedication, and our solid work ethic to every job, large or small.
Adaptable: Whether you need to move the items in a single room, a whole house, or an entire office building, Move It Now will be there for you! Move It Now can handle packing and unpacking jobs of any size, from a single room to dozens. When we say that no packing or unpacking job is too big or too small, we mean it. That’s Move It Now’s pledge to you.