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Piano moving is not a task that anyone should take lightly.

Pianos, in addition to being large, heavy, and valuable, are also easily damaged. In moving a piano improperly, you could scratch your walls and flooring or even injure yourself.
That’s why you should leave the piano moving to Move It Now!
At Move It Now, our team of professionals draws on our more than 25 years in the moving business to give you the best piano moving experience possible. We have the skills and equipment to move your piano safely.
Start your piano move by contacting Move It Now for a free quote. We can send a moving professional to your location to help plan your piano move. Our moving expert will measure the dimensions of your piano and determine the safest and most efficient way to move and transport it.
On the day of your piano move, our moving team will thoroughly wrap your piano with packing pads to protect both it and your walls and doorframes from damage during relocation. If you need a grand piano moved, Move It Now will secure the lid during this process and then remove the piano’s legs before transport.
Once the piano arrives at your destination, the Move It Now team will unwrap it, reassemble it (in the case of grand pianos), and make sure that it is properly positioned in its new location.
Whether you need to move your piano across the country or just across the room, trust the moving experts at Move It Now to get the job done right.
For more information on moving other valuable and heavy items such as antiques, appliances, and computer equipment, consult Move It Now’s online Moving Resource Center or give us a call today!
At Move It Now, we’re here to simplify your move from start to finish.