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Commercial Loading and Unloading Moving Services

At Move It Now, we provide a range of loading and unloading services to business clients throughout Northeast Ohio. With more than 25 years of experience at managing complex business moves, and a team of knowledgeable moving experts ready to serve your needs, you can count on Move It Now to get your moving job done swiftly and efficiently.

Let us do your company’s loading and unloading for you! No business move is too large for Move It Now to handle. And every business client from mom-and-pop shops to large corporations gets the same care and attention from our moving professionals.
With Move It Now’s full range of loading and unloading services, we can do far more than just place items in a truck for transport. We can pack up your entire office for you, handle all of the loading and unloading, and then unpack each and every item at your final destination.
Move It Now doesn’t just load and unload boxes and office furniture. We also disassemble and reassemble cubicles, partitions, shelving, and other internal office structures.
Does your business need temporary storage? Move It Now will not only handle all of the loading and unloading to get your office items to and from the storage unit, we can also help you find the storage facility that’s most convenient for you. We even offer storage to clients on our own company premises!
Even if your business just needs to transport furniture and other office items within a single building or office complex, Move It Now can help. Whether it’s loading and unloading moving trucks or hand trucks, our goal is to make your business move as easy on you as possible.
Contact Move It Now to set up a free, on-site quote. One of our moving experts will come to your place of business and perform a full assessment. We can even help your business develop a comprehensive moving plan customized to meet your unique needs.
You can also have a look at our FAQ page for business moves. Trust Move It Now to get your moving job done right.