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Commercial Temporary Storage

At Move It Now, our goal is to support your business as much as possible during your move. That means providing you with all of the tools and support that you’ll need. This includes access to temporary storage for your office furniture, file cabinets, partitions, and other office items.

Whether your business needs temporary storage during a relocation or renovation, Move It Now is here to take the burden off your company and stay friendly to your bottom line.
When you take advantage of Move It Now’s temporary storage services, you get the benefits of:
Flexibility: Choose the temporary storage duration that best meets your business needs. Move It Now can provide short-term storage options to companies that need them during moves or office refurbishments. We also offer long-term storage solutions to businesses that may need to house extra office furniture or partitions for a longer period of time.
Convenience: In addition to providing temporary storage space, Move It Now can also facilitate your entire storage process. Let our moving professionals come to your place of business and handle the packing of your furniture and other items. Move It Now can also load your storage unit for you and then unload it when you no longer need it. We even have all of the moving boxes and supplies that you will need to protect your assets, including specially-designed file tote boxes and packing paper and pads.
Security: Store your office furniture and other items in dedicated, secure storage units on Move It Now’s premises. If it’s more convenient for your business to engage the services of an off-site storage facility, let Move It Now connect you with one of our trusted partners.
Want to learn from Move It Now’s years of expertise? Have a look at our business moves FAQ page.
And if you’re unsure about how much temporary storage space your business might need, call Move It Now today and speak to one of our moving experts. We’ll give you customized recommendations to help you make the best temporary storage decisions for your business.